Sunday, November 4, 2012

Choosing the Correct Equipment

Skiing, such a great activity for recreation and competition. But the first question you should ask yourself when first starting is "What equipment do I need to start with?".  For all skiers, inexperienced or seasoned, the correct equipment is the most essential part of the sport.  Without the correct type and setting on one's equipment you are bond to make more mistakes and potentially set yourself up for dangerous injuries. So where might one start when finding the right equipment for them self? The skies of course!!

Skies range from all different types of lengths, widths, shapes, and styles. The combination of these settings which are right for you depends on your height, weight, skill level, and personal preference.  Without ordering specially designed skies, typically skies are sold from sizes 115cm to 200cm.  A general rule of thumb when buying your skies is that they should be close to your own height.  For example, if you are 5'10 (about 178 centimeters) then your skies should be between 165cm and 185cm.

When choosing a style of ski the only thing that matters is your personal preference.  If you are more interested in speed then straight tipped skies are the skies for you. I personally enjoy parabolic skies which have a more rounded tip on both the front and back. Parabolic skies make it a lot easier to carve allowing for better control and speed regulation.  The most challenging type of skies to use are the telemarketer skies. Telemarketing skies are unique in the fact that they only have one clip on the front of the bindings, leaving the heel of your foot free.

The most important step to remember when choosing your equipment is learning how to correctly set your own bindings. First, you need to look on the side or bottom of the your boots and find the length in mm.  This number will tell you how far away the front and back of your bindings need to be to fit your boot properly.  Next you will want to look at the numbers on the front of your bindings.  The numbers vary depending on the type of bindings and skies; but typically the lower the number the looser the bindings will hold the boot to the skies and vice versa.  You must figure out your own numbers for your bindings, since it is a specific combination of height, weight, and skill range.

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