Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So what is the Solution?

Earlier I discussed the trouble of having skiers and snowboarders on the mountain at the same time.  There is a great deal of preventable injuries that occur every year. So we've addressed the problem, skiers and snowboards should not be on the same slopes at the same time, but how do we fix this problem? There are a variety of way to attack this problem and find a suitable solution.

The first most obvious solution is to band either skiers or snowboarders from the mountain entirely.  This the most extreme of all the solutions and has a lot of negative affects. For one, you are directly discriminating on a group of people, shunning them out.  Resorts would lose a substantial amount of money on lift tickets, rentals, lodging, etc. This idea would be hard to sell to anyone, especially the group being exiled.

Another solution could be creating an alternating daily schedule. This would mean that there would be a new group allowed to use the mountain each day.  This plan is a little bit better in that it does not completely cast out any one.  There is one giant flaw with this flaw though.  If a family or group of friends go on a trip and one person is a snowboarder and the rest are skiers, that person will be spending most of the trip alone.  I think this would cause a lot of people to shy away from the idea of a ski vacation; less people means less revenue for business.

I have come up with what I believe to be the most viable option to solve the ski versus snowboard debacle.  Why not have everyone on the mountain at the same time, but have certain slopes designated to skiers and others to snowboarders, alternating have way through the day when the plows re-groom the snow.  This way no one is left out, and groups of families and friends can use the mountain on the same day. All resorts can stand behind a model such as this because it promotes good health, but at the same time there is no profits being lost.  

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