Monday, November 5, 2012


Hello! My names Zach Brown, here is a little bit about my back ground in skiing.  I have been routinely skiing every winter since I was four years old.  I'll have to admit that at first I was not skiing's biggest fan, especially since I could not seem to keep my face from falling into the snow.  But my father wanted me to stick with it for at least one vacation, and by the end of it I had had so much fun I was already asking him to come back next year.  Fourteen years later I still find a place to ski at least once a year.  The high light of my skiing career will always be one spot away from qualifying from the junior Olympic speed trials in 2006.

Now that you know a little bit about my background in skiing, I want to talk to you about the in's and out's, the "nitty gritty", but more importantly I want address a problem that I think has gone on for far too long.  Skiers and snowboarders should not be able to use the mountain on the same days. Even though I personally choose to ski over snowboarding, I will be as non-bias as possible.

But first I want to brush everyone up on a little ski history.  I think by talking about the history behind skiing and snowboarding will give everyone a better perspective on why these two do not mix as well as everyone seems to think.  Also, for all of those people who want to pick up skiing I will be talking a little bit about technique and equipment.  Now... lets get started with the debate on Skiing vs. Snowboarding!!

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